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Activities for the month of March 2017

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Saturday, 04.03.2017

Grandparents’ Day 2017

Tuesday, 14.03.2017

Fun Day

Wednesday, 29.03.2017

Final Assessment Day & PTM

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Welcome To Gyan Devi Salwan Montessori School

A Warm Welcome to the Website of Gyan Devi Salwan Montessori School. The vision of our school is based on innovative learning methodology, continuous improvement, cultivation of practical skills and an unwavering commitment to academic quality. 

As a forward thinking, academic-centric school,   Gyan Devi  Salwan Montessori School strives for securing innovativeness, effectiveness and practicality in its curricula; supported by a wide range of extra and co-curricular activities.

The Management, Principal and Faculty ensure that while the required academic standards are met, the ‘joy of learning' is not sacrificed. Teachers at Gyan Devi  Salwan Montessori School work to ensure that the school provides a professional, lively and encouraging environment for nurturing young minds.

Circle Time: The day begins with students coming up with an amazing fact of the day. It is a great way to encourage interesting discussions and give ideas for topics students can research themselves to present to the class.

Co-curricular Activities: We offer a range of co-curricular activities for our learners. This is a step towards the holistic development of each learner. The activities like Skating, Gymnastics, Pottery, Art & Craft etc. are conducted by professional experts and our own teaching faculty.

Special Assemblies: Assemblies can build experiences that will go a long way towards children learning about values, religious festivals, special days, songs and other information. Our special assemblies serve as a place not only for developing confidence but also developing audience habits.

Celebration of Special Days: Children love to celebrate, and every celebration brings its own meaning, language, and knowledge, all of which becomes a learning opportunity for the children. The special days that are celebrated include Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Earth Day, Grand Parents’ Day, Colour Days, etc.

Art & Craft Activities: Our faculties are well equipped to unleash each child’s inherent talent, guiding them through various techniques and helping children achieve their aspirations. Our children make beautiful craft creations from waste and recyclable materials.

Mini Reading Books: In an endeavour to inculcate reading habits, the teachers help students create their own Mini Word Bank, Mini Dictation Books, etc. Through such activities students are encouraged to read the self-made mini books with great enthusiasm.

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